Women on the Water – Lake Guntersville, Alabama

Yes, there is a difference between men and women, especially in sports.  This is a class designed by women, for women, taught by women instructors.  In this class we look at body mechanics, efficiency, and effective use of momentum and leverage to paddle with minimal effort.  With good technique, you will find that you can paddle farther and faster, no more worry about keeping up with a group.  Boat control becomes easy.  Learn to use the wind to help you turn instead of fighting it.

Here are some photos from several classes where I was either the lead or assistant instructor.  Class locations include Lake Guntersville, Alabama; Kiptopeke, Virginia; Cape Henlopen, Delaware; and Kent Narrows, Maryland.

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Typically classes are customized based on the skill level of the participants and their goals, however we do have a basic curriculum that covers the strokes and rescues required for you to be a competent paddler.

For the woman’s weekend, day 1 is all about strokes, starting with the basics and moving into the more advanced and blended strokes.  We play some games, have a few challenges, and most important, we have fun.

Day 2 we move into rescues and reentries.  What do you do if something goes wrong?  You will learn how to help someone else get back into their boat, and even more important how to get yourself back in, just in case you fall over, or just want to take a swim.  These are not only important safety skills, it’s also fun to mess around on a boat in the water on a hot day.

Registration is open through Unphiltered Kayaking.  Class size is limited.

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