Intermediate Skills Class

This class is designed for paddlers who want to start going on longer trips in rougher water.  We move beyond the basics and focus on refinement of the paddle strokes, better use of the body, boat control and using the paddle efficiently and effectively.  The objectives are to refine your strokes making it easier to paddle making it easier to paddle longer distances and to learn to effortlessly maneuver the kayak.

The class starts with a review of basic body mechanics, then these principles are applied to the forward stroke, stopping strokes and reverse strokes.  We then move on to the maneuvering strokes including sweep strokes, rudders, and draws continuing to add on concepts of edging and blade control.  The goal is to push you to the next level, no matter where you are to start.

The afternoon will apply the stroke skills you learned and also work on improving rescue skills.  We start with assisted rescues, getting to a capsized kayak and swimmer, effectively emptying the kayak, and stabilizing the kayak while the swimmer gets back in.   The goal is to be smooth and efficient, and smooth and efficient becomes fast.  We finish up with self rescues, participants can try various different kinds of self rescues, but the initial focus will be on the paddle float reentry.

It sounds very serious, but in reality, it is a lot of fun.  Plenty of games, and laughs. 

This class is run through Cross Currents Sea Kayaking.  Email Rick Wiebush to let him know you are interested and he will provide details regarding the cost.

Check the Calendar for upcoming dates.

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