Woman’s Paddling Weekend

Paddle Smarter, not Harder

This is a two day workshop designed for women paddlers, and taught by woman instructors. This is a two day weekend class to allow time to explore various aspects of paddling skills without pressure. We look for a location that with relatively calm water and beautiful scenery. It’s not just about paddling, it’s about getting out and enjoying nature and friendships. We also try to have a location where we can get together Saturday evening to share what we learned over a glass of wine.


Day 1

The first day focuses on strokes. We start with posture and body mechanics, learning to effectively use our entire body starting with the feet to move the boat forward.  The focus is on efficiency, not speed, but as your stroke improves you will find that you paddle farther and faster with minimum effort.  The mechanics of the forward stroke are worth spending time developing as they are the foundation for all of the other strokes.

Then we will move onto applying the same body mechanics used in the forward stroke to the maneuvering strokes including sweep strokes, rudder strokes and draw strokes. By using our body weight to tilt or edge the boat, we can increase the efficiency of the turning strokes.  Although the class is held on relatively calm and protected waters, the techniques we learn here will help you paddle effectively in wind and waves.

Day 2

The second day focuses on rescues and reentries. We start with bracing, and how to avoid capsize if possible, then we use our new maneuvering skills to get into position to perform an assisted rescue.  Finally we work on how to get back into a kayak with minimum effort. It is possible for women to perform rescues safely and effectively with minimal use of muscle power.  Leverage and momentum are our friends, and messing around in boats is fun.  We will explore different types of assisted and self rescue techniques.  The most important thing is to have fun.  

Registration will be done through Cross Currents Sea Kayaking. The dates will be posted on the Calendar


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